RapidAPI is the world biggest API Marketplace, with over 500,000 developers making 350 Billion API calls every month.

Now, you can start monetizing your API and selling it on Rapid

Sell your API to 500,000 developers

Quickly add your API endpoints and parameters. RapidAPI will generate interactive docs, letting developers test your API from the browser and generate code snippets.

Interactive API Documentation

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Publish and monetize your API on the world's largest API Marketplace


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"RapidAPI let us instantly deploy our API to a global community and sell it to developer. Developers trust the RapidAPI and love using it to pay for our API".
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The world's largest API Marketplace


Each user in RapidAPI get's a single, multi API key. RapidAPI will authenticate every API request before passing it to you, so you don't have to worry about it.

Authentication and API Key Generation

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Define your API's billing plans via RapidAPI. RapidAPI will issue invoices and bill your customers. RapidAPI supports both monthly subscriptions and Pay as you go.

Monetize your API

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With RapidAPI, your API is instantly visible to a large, global audience.
  • 400,000 developers on RapidAPI.
  • 35,000 developers have a credit card on file, ready to pay for an API.
  • Used by developers in Fortune 500 Companies, including:

Market Your API to a Global Audience

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